Do you suffer from
stiff neck when you wake up?

Maybe it's because of the synthetic pillow on which you sleep.

In fact, 7 out of 10 people suffer from neck pain for days. There is one thing they do not know: synthetic pillows do not allow us to sleep well.

90% of people sleep on a plastic pillows.

The traditional pillows you sleep on are made of plastic, synthetic rubber, or other non-breathable materials, and this is a major problem. In addition to the lack of comfort and the unpleasant sensation of resting your head on a synthetic pillow, sleeping on a plastic pillow causes neck pain, sleep disorders, and allergies.


Discover AirDreamer Natural Pillow

This is the first natural pillow that oxygenates your brain at night and makes you sleep in the proper position. The pillow can be customized to suit your needs.

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Plastic prevents

Proper level of perspiration of the neck area, causing night moisture retention.

The result?
The pillow is wet with sweat and we are more likely to suffer from cervical pain when we wake up, a condition that becomes particularly troublesome in the summer.

Proper night thermoregulation, causing alternation between hot and cold.

The result?
Very likely to be affected by sleeping troubles, and we wake up  with the feeling of having slept without having rested.

The proper elimination of toxins through sweating

The result?
intolerances and allergies may arise.

Why AirDreamer?

Sleep is important, even when you are away from home. For this reason, the Airdreamer liner is removable. You can take it with you when you travel: it only takes the space of a sweater in your luggage.


Hundreds of millions of micro air chambers inside the goose down used allow air circulation, and the moisture does not stagnate, also through the action of the hygroscopic chamber.


Airdreamer is made of Siberian down, the most natural solution for better sleep

Temperature control

Down is a natural thermoregulator, as it keeps the temperature constant thanks to the air that circulates inside, and allows the elimination of moisture.


The ergonomic support maintains a correct position of the head and neck

The advantages of an AirDreamer pillow

Airdreamer is the first patented pillow

We invented two pillows in one

Airdreamer Natural Pillow is the first pillow patented in Italy equipped with a removable ergonomic support, to ensure support of the head and neck and a Siberian down lining with an air chamber. The air chamber allows the elimination of moist air from the pillow and lets fresh air in, ensuring appropriate temperature control, constant temperature in the cervical area and a dry environment, which is perfect for a restful sleep.

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